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Secrete Forex Indicator For Marketmakers
**Warning**trading forex, the stock market, and futures involves substantial risk to financial loss. If you can't afford these losses you should not be trading. It is dangerous and not for the unprepared. If you also have no experience don't risk real money. If you decide to trade in live markets, risk no more than you can afford to lose.

You are probably wondering why anyone would pay $2000 bucks for an indicator and chances are you will easily spend that on cheaper products that don't work when you combine what you have invested. To me $2k is a small price to pay for what this indicator can do. I am not trying to target the little guy that has no money in the first place. I'm trying to target people with money already that have a real potential to make more. If you don't have the money to trade you shouldn't trade. Also I've found that in sharing work with the small guy for a cheaper price my work gets stolen and next thing you know it's out on the internet everywhere. Little secretes and techniques are just given away in forums by some little guy showing off and sends a hacked copy to his friends. Even if the work is protected they find a way to hack it up and it gets given away for free. Next thing you know the whole world has a copy.

So I've kept this indicator off the radar for sometime because someone will hack it and give it away for nothing or try to recreate it and sell it. You give the masses something good and often it will get abused and misused. This is for people that can buy big lots and manage large accounts. It is for people who can accumulate positions and not 1 trick ponies. If your a small trader this is not for you. This is for traders and market makers that are willing to pay extra for a good product that will be available to only a limited few. You get what you pay for. If you want a $50 - $200 product that doesn't work very well then I suggest you go to ebay and do your shopping.

Why does it work so well? It's a secret formula that I discovered while building an indicator. I have no idea why it works so well. I come from a family that invents and through my experimentation I found this. I have no idea why it works but it works very well. I will not give too many details on it's inner workings but it does work and that's all that matters. I've run it against 1000's of other indicators and it is very unique and accurate.
Does this indicator repaint? Yes it can but not always. Most of the time it will be slight unless there is a very volatile move but these moves usually do not last long and I've found that most often the price will return to the original signal on long term time-frames that I use for set ups. Since it calculates a set number of bars back it will naturally repaint as the past bars fall off so when this happens it usually is only slight or not noticeable at all - most of the time it's barely noticeable or not noticeable especially when it gets you in a good trade. Alot of times the signals are at areas where the price will stall out so repainting is not an issue unless you use small time frames which I don't recommend. When it repaints on larger timeframes I have a strategy to add more positions. I admit I'm not a large player myself but I have used in practice accounts to great success and have been able to never have to take a loss as long as money management is employed. The signals provided are great accumulation points. The first signal is sometimes right on target for a reversal but not always. This is the best method I've used for reversals! Reversals are much more complicated than trend trading. Again if your looking for a one shot deal this isn't for you because you are expected to be able to add positions if needed but you can use a stop loss strategy as well but it's up to you to make your own trading rules.
But repainting indicators don't work?
So far from the truth. Most indicators do repaint to some extent. In fact on the current bar even a moving average will repaint. If price stayed the same there wouldn't be a market and yes price fluctuates around so yes it too repaints. A trend line won't repaint so if that's what your looking for just draw a trend-line and don't bother with indicators.
Is this indicator worth $2000? Yes and in my opinion much more. I'm currently thinking of raising price to $5000 or more. I considered not ever selling this unless it was for a very large amount of money. I personally don't want to be in the business of selling indicators. I would much rather be trading but I need more capital to make big trades. If I sell one of these the chances are the price will go up not down.
Are there refunds or trials? Absolutely not. This is my idea and once you get the indicator you have it at your disposal. Your not going to get this from me for free. If you buy this your going to be out $2k weather you like it or not. I don't offer money back guarantees! This isn't some infomercial product, this is for trading. The old adage is if you want to make money you have to spend it. So if your afraid of being down 2k this isn't for you. By selling to a higher end market I also hope to illuminate the problem of it being given out on forums by some frustrated small trader that shouldn't be trading in the first place.
Is there a limit to how many will be for sale? Yes! If I could sell 10 of these I will have enough money to trade with. Currently I am financially bankrupt and have little trading power or I would not sell this secrete. If I can raise 20k this will be off the market indefinitely. So if you want to protect your edge you can purchase it 10 times and I will remove the product. I personally use this so I will be happy if only 1 other person has it but I don't want more than 10 out there to have this. It's not a holly grail - sorry there's no such thing. If I had the holly grail I wouldn't have to sell a product but I wouldn't trade this for any other product on the market that I know of and I have researched many.
If this is so good why are you bankrupt? I was bankrupt before I developed this. I have been bankrupt for many years but I didn't want to give up what I love. Most of the money I lost was in another business that had nothing to do with trading and happened just before the recession hit or otherwise I would not be in this predicament. Actually because I made a decent amount of money but it suddenly stopped I ended up owing alot of money in taxes and for business expenses. Then with my last pennies I invested in the stock market and went totally bust but I only lost a around $5k trading in my lifetime. That is a drop in the bucket for what some people are out. At the time of my biggest loss I didn't have a proven system and had no experience trading but I thought that I could make it rich. I made a goal for myself to make my own system that works and here is one the things I developed throughout the years. The knowledge that I have now compared to back then is off the scale but I haven't been able to fully use it do to the lack of capital. In demo I can consistently win and average out any initial losses. When I demo I don't pretend it's a slot machine I act like I'm using real money. Unlike rookies I know the importance of practicing. All professional sports players practice and so should any pro trader. I know my moves work or I wouldn't even be here trying to sell it.
Will this make pips fast?
It is not meant for day trading so if your looking for a day trading indicator this isn't it. This is to accumulate a position preferably a big position. These signals are rare but are often where reversals occur. So no it won't make pips fast in a day-trading sense. My strategy is to trade about 1-5 lots but if I had the money I would go up to 20 lots but this would require a very large account. Sometimes the initial entry can work and there isn't a need to add more if that is the case but many times the market while at a reversal point will overshoot the initial signal and a 2nd or 3rd lot is needed. This I believe is done intentionally to whip the smaller traders out of the market but can be very rewarding if worked correctly. A small trader could get killed using this strategy because again they often try to whip out the small traders at reversal points and the little guy get's the ax.
Are there entry and exit rules? I have entry suggestions that occur when a certain condition occurs. Sometimes but not always a big move comes next. If a move doesn't occur the strategy is to add to the position on a new signal as long as the new signal doesn't occur too fast. This is dangerous for a small trader but a big trader can easily handle adding another lot or 2 and still manage to make realistic gains. Sometimes it works out even better as the entry level from the 1st lot can be exceeded even though there is volatility. I don't have a concrete exit plan so I leave that up to you. If you hold to where you get a counter signal it would be a sure sign to exit but I think even half that would be a good rule of thumb.
But there isn't very many signals?Ah but that's the beauty of it now isn't it! Most indicators give you dozens of signals. Most of which are inaccurate. This you get signals only when the trading instrument is at an absolute extreme. Unless your trading something which is on the brink of being destroyed / de-listed there usually is a reverse at or near that price. Patients is the key. While most think you make money by being fast in and fast out the truth is you make money by being patient and finding the more meaningful points. So it's better to be patient than "fast".
What time-frames does this work in? All time-frames will generate some type of signal but my experience is that the higher the time-frame the better. It is better to use on 1hr and up time-frame but monthly doesn't work as well. My favorite time-frame is 4hr but daily and weekly also work very well. As has been stated this is not a day-traders indicator. It works well on higher time-frames. So don't bother if your going to use this in 1 minute and cry it doesn't work - it won't work well in lower time-frames and this isn't for the scalpers.
For protection could you sell this on Ebay and to see your reputation? This is not a scam . I will ship your product via email and you will receive it. Weather or not I sold this on ebay or not there would still be no refunds. The reason I don't sell this on Ebay is because of their fees. I do sell stuff on ebay and my rating is 100%. Click here to see: northern_europe. If I sold this on ebay the fees would be too high for a $2000 item and there's no benefit in traffic for being on ebay.
What do the lines mean? I can't tell you in detail what they mean because there are people that will copy my idea but I will provide further meaning in the rules of the system if you purchase from me otherwise you will never know. If you think I copied this just go ahead and try to find it out there! Good luck you will need it, this has not been put out on the internet in any forum. You might find something similar but it won't be anything close to this and will be virtually useless. All you need to know is if the price exceeds the red line going up it's a sell and if it exceeds the red line going down it's a buy. These extremes don't happen too often but that's the beauty of it and why this indicator sells for $2k (which will go up or taken off the market). Indicators that give you dozens of signals plus repaint are pretty much useless. This indicator can repaint but it is usually not bad or when it does there's a back up strategy. If you want an indicator that repaints badly and gives you dozens of signals this isn't for you. But if you want an indicator that usually only slightly repaints, provides rare but meaningful signals this is it.

The price is non-negotiable and there are absolutely no refunds or guarantees. It works only in Metatrader 4.0. You will get the .exe, .tpl files, and basic rules through an email attachment 3-5 business days after payment has cleared to your registered paypal email to be sure the money is good. So if your in a rush don't bother, I'm not going to rush. Buyer must be able to install a metatrader indicator on your own and there is no support!! No exceptions - this is business. I don't want to be bothered after you receive your product by email even if it is to thank me and don't send me 100 emails within the 5 days of purchase asking where indicator is - You will get it! I won't skip town over a measly 2k! It is just to be sure the money clears 100%. Once you buy this your money will be gone - you will get the indicator but you aren't getting a refund or any questions answered. This is not an indicator service that sell indicators for a living I'm an independent and this is an experimental indicator. I use this everyday and yes it works. If you have a question ask now and if I have time I will answer you but not after you buy. Thanks!



Be the first to buy! There are no copies in circulation with the exception of myself! Price will not be dropped later to mass market. $2k is the minimum price I will accept. There is a 5 business day wait for delivery for reasons mentioned above. After 1st copy is sold price may go up to 5k. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to be the 1st to have this.


Picutured above is natural gas in 4hr timeframe

Pictured above is gold in 4hr timeframe

This is a trade I forgot about because it was demo and had alot of things I was doing but the orginal entry was buy below red line. If I had watched the trade closely I would have been able to add more longs and my pofit would have been at least double.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Account #5036676 expired last week

I did everything I could to revive it. I had one trade open when it expired which was a short on the AUD/USD. Sorry I will be unable to track that trade. Account expired with approximately 30k profit starting with 100k - total 130k. I will work on finding a non expiring account.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Demo Account #5036676

(click to enlarge)
Results of demo account #5036676 using black box indicator.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lastest Results from Demo Account #5036676

(click image above to see account and click again to zoom)
Last trade brought home a $1600 on a 8 lot short of aud/usd. I closed the trade a little earlier than I would have liked to but I have another loss of $1200 for aud/usd short. So in total I was 10 lots short aud/usd and closed 8 for a gain but the loss only puts me 400 up on the pair. My logic is I will probably short again if it goes up and if it doesn't I can close the other 2 lots out for a break even or small gain. Nevertheless trading is very smooth to find opportunities with my system. I'm never clueless as what to do like some traders get when a trade goes against them. This is the great beauty of the system and being able to have the capital to trade more that 1 lot. 1 lot trading is a joke.

Again these trades are results from my trading system in a live demo account #5036676. These results are not past tense they are real demo trades on a live market. This is 100% proof my system works. Why stop punishing yourself and just get the system? See above to purchase.

Black Box Metatrader Trading System

This is not an automated trading system but it is a black box system because it relies on a magic number - a complex formula. I discovered this through great research and finally I put it into an indicator than can be read on a Metatrader chart.

It is said that a person can accomplish anything if they have a formula. A formula to success! Just imagine baking something for the first time without a recipe. Baking a dish is alot less complicated than trading but many traders go into a trade without a formula - even a simple one. Just imaging trading without formula but many people do it anyway and it is why most forex traders fail. I know because I failed myself but I didn't give up. I believe a person must fail to succeed and finally I have that chance and I'm sharing it with a limited few that will be able to help me raise the capital to get back into the game.

While I don't guarantee you will be successful what I do offer is a tool that will give you an extreme edge over other forex traders that don't have clue before they venture into most of their trades. Many traders do have some kind of system but their system's often generate way too many signals to be practical. My system generates strong signals and only strong signals that give the trader a strong chance to work into a good position.

Timing is everything! There is no such thing as luck really unless it's a fluke and this isn't a fluke.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

latest account update for account #5036676

Latest trade closed for $520 profit. It was a quick trade. I thought about holding the short on the AUD-USD longer but decided it wasn't the best entry for a short and when you get quick profit like that it's wise to take it because it may break against me. This way if it does go up I'll just work it again for a prime sell (I'll discuss this in detail to purchasers of the system). Since there's alot of risk in the market because of high gold prices (favors AUD) and the US Fed under the gun to raise the debt limit this was probably a good idea. If I'm wrong I'll just wait for another opportunity. There's always opportunities in Forex for those that play their cards right.

This demo account was started in the beginning of the year with $100k. The 1st goal is to double it to $200k and the 2nd goal is to triple it to $300k. The ultimate goal will be 500k but I'm not even going to think about that - this isn't a poker game and I'm not a gambler. These are low risk trades that I cherry pick at market extremes using the trading system for sale on this page. Just because this is a demo doesn't take anything away from the fact that these are based off of the live market and it is proof my system works. I will not change account #5036676 unless it expires. If you seen enough and like my system just go ahead an purchase. I built this indicator with a very special formula that is only available through me.

The price will only go up on this system. $2000.00 is the least I'll accept. In the future the price will be raised to 5k. So don't bother waiting for the price to come down on this item - you have my word it will only go up from here. While all you see are lines on a chart this is a very carefully formulated trading formula - a black box. In the right hands this system is priceless.

Lastest Demo Trade 2k+ profit on AUD-USD short

(click picture to see and click again to zoom in)
I just closed this trade moments ago. I will be posting slides of these trades. If my trade is a loss I will still post the results in a slide and report it because it will only make me better to admit mistakes and analyze faults. But this system is very refined so I don't see much change in the near future and I can say with confidence future trades are going to be on the win side. I don't have time to make the slide of this trade but they will be out in the next few weeks and yes they are live demo trades. I'm very pleased to say there were no repaints and the results were very good. I could not hope for more in live market conditions. This is demo market but it is live and not a look back on past performance. I am placing real live demo trades based on trading system signals and rules I have created for the system that is for sale on this page. This system will not be for sale forever though because I am %100 confident I won't need sales support once I get enough to trade this with a real account - as I stated above I don't have the leverage yet. When I get enough funds it will not be unavailable to the public and this blog page will likely be deleted. When that happens you will not find it anywhere else so if your interested you better get in now. Or if I do keep it for sale the price will go up ten fold once I meet my next goal. Once goal 1 is met the product will either not be for sale anymore or the price will go much higher. The next price is likely 5k. So get it while you can for 2k.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Demo Trading System - Account History

(click picture above to see trade results and click again to zoom in)
This is a Metatrader demo account #5036676. I started on 1/29/2011 and hopefully it will last until the end of the year. If it expires I will have to start a new one but if it doesn't I will be trading this exclusively for this trading system. So far there has been amazing results and I will be posting the charts along with the trades weather I win or lose. This account will help you know what trades I have done and so that way you will be able to see how it works in a live market rather than past tense pictures. The set ups I use are based exclusively on the trading system featured on this page. I already made a mistake that cost 1,328. I meant to buy but somehow I chose sell. Otherwise that would have been a gain. I took pictures prior to the trade trade showing that it was a buy set up but later I realized I clicked sell. If you look at the very bottom I reversed it to a buy and mad a 2,648k gain so I ended up winning the round regardless. If I would have done that as I had planned my gain would have been much more. But somehow I made a rookie error and clicked sell when I meant buy.

The other large loss was a 1,136 loss on the gbp-aud. It is not such a bad loss compared to my gains. Actually I also made a mistake there because I closed the trade because I simply do not like gbp-aud pair and chose to concentrate on other pairs. I still might trade it though if there is a good enough set up but I will be looking at other pairs more closely such as eur/usd, gold, crude oil, and aud/usd. There will be losses - there always are but the goal is to make profit not avoid losses. Losses go along with risk and mistakes will always be made do to trader error or mistaken set ups. It how we adjust as traders. So I will prove to you with my trading skill I can double this account. There you have it. At the time of this post the account is at 120k. If I can do this within a year I will be satisfied.

Future trades will be big swings. I'm looking for profits of 10k - 20k. The platinum trade for 17k profit was one such big swing trade. Entries will be anywhere from 1 to 8 lots and will build a position of up to 20 lots. If a trade is not working out I will look to break even and possibly work in and out of the pattern but this will all be within the rules of the system. If the entry is not a good entry and the pattern goes against me I'm not taking an immediate loss. I will build a position at another price. I can not go into too much detail as how this is done but if you purchase the system these details will be included in the system rules.